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Here comes the (little) sun!

Tal Cohen


I met them at the Tel Aviv port. It was about five years ago, and Oded and Doron shared with me their hydrogen fusion idea. It was the first time I’d met Doron, and Oded is my brother-in-law. They’re both in their fifties with impressive — yet very different — careers.

Paving the Way for a Sustainable, Electric Transportation Future

Tali Rosenwaks


Electric vehicles will surely play a central role in the future of sustainable mobility, based on their potential to reduce emissions and increasingly competitive total cost of ownership

NGV acknowledged as top climate-tech investor

Raz Mayshar


Startup Nation Finder's H1 2023 recognises NGV's efforts towards a smart and sustainable future. In a period marked by challenges in funding growth, the Climate Tech sector in Israel has shown remarkable resilience and growth. To this day, NGV have invested in a dozen startups.

Electrification with Microgrids for Sustainable Fleets

Tali Rosenwaks


As EVs become more competitive with traditional vehicles, commercial fleet owners see them as the future. However, the increased electricity demand from EV fleets can strain existing infrastructure and lead to higher costs.

AImpowering Sustainable Mobility

Tali Rosenwaks


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of smart mobility, offering innovative solutions that can make transportation more efficient, safer, and sustainable

NGV recognised as one of the most active VC funds

Liat Piazza


NGV appears twice in the most recent IVC Data and Insights report as one of the most active VC funds in Israel. This recognition is a testament both to our team’s dedication to supporting innovative founders and to the incredible vitality of the smart and sustainable mobility ecosystem we work so hard to nurture.

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Make My Day collaborates with Geotab

Liat Piazza


Make My Day's strategic partnership with Geotab is a game-changer for fleets looking to transition to electric vehicles. MMD's industry-leading technology tackles challenges like charging optimization and range anxiety, while Geotab's fleet management platform provides a seamless user experience.

Foretellix teams up with Geely

Liat Piazza


By integrating Foretellix's industry-leading Foretify™ platform with Geely’s development and verification and validation flows and advanced simulator, this strategic partnership will empower the acceleration of large-scale development of safe and efficient autonomous vehicles.

Voyage 81 acquired by Il Makiage

Liat Piazza


Voyage81 develops patented software that brings hyperspectral imaging capabilities to smartphones. IL MAKIAGE’s acquisition of Voyage81 aligns with their commitment to continue innovating the beauty industry.

TriEye collaborates with Hitachi Astemo

Liat Piazza


TriEye, developers of a short-wave infrared spectrum-enhanced detection and ranging sensing solution, has announced a collaboration with Tier 1 supplier Hitachi Astemo. The collaboration will help accelerate the launch of SEDAR tech, a potential lidar alternative for advanced driver assistance systems.

Navmatic acquired by Superpedestrian

Raz Mayshar


Navmatic, helpers of micromobility operators locating vehicles and correcting their movements in real time, has been acquired by Superpedestrian. This purchase means Superpedestrian can apply the startup’s technology to enhance its safety systems.

Arbe collaborates with Veoneer

Raz Mayshar


Arbe Robotics, 4D imaging radar solutions company has partnered with tier 1 automotive technology supplier Veoneer to co-develop radars for automotive-grade safety and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) capabilities.

Deeyook collaborates with Infineon

Liat Piazza


Deeyok are revolutionizing tracking with a next-gen real time location solution. This collaboration with Infineon will fuse Deeyook’s ultra-precise, innovative algorithms into Infineon’s best-in-class, low power AIROC™ Wi-Fi portfolio to enable an accurate, passive, ubiquitous, and efficient location solution.

Midnight Robotics acquired by Fieldin

Liat Piazza


Midnight Robotics has created retrofit kit for tractors that uses LiDAR perception, enabling farm vehicles to work autonomously. Integrated into Fieldin’s platform, this technology will provide autonomous execution of some farm tasks via tractors and other machinery while providing additional data.

Caaresys acquired by Harman

Raz Mayshar


Caaresys, developers of vehicle passenger monitoring systems powered by contactless, low-emission radar, has been acquired by Harman, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Their technology can be used to increase safety for children in vehicles, and will help strengthen Harman's product offerings.

Actasys is revolutionising AV and ADAS sensors

Raz Mayshar


Actasys is making AV and ADAS sensors work effectively by keeping mud, snow and rain away so sensor perceptions are accurate and vehicles can move on their own when needed. They offer a hardware/software solution that is as powerful and effective as it is efficient.

Spectralics' tackling unexpected AV challenges

Liat Piazza


Spectralics is developing a thin optics film to support an augmented reality display screen that will superimpose objects on the real-world background to give a true sense of distance for safer decision-making. In-cabin monitoring sensors track driver gaze, movements, fatigue, passengers, etc.

Ottopia raises $14.5m in Series A

Liat Piazza


Ottopia’s software allows for humans in remote centers to safely monitor, guide, and control vehicle fleets. With their impressive $14.5 million Series A raise, Ottopia demonstrated that industry heavy-hitters understand the deep impact this technology can have for ushering in the autonomous future.

Apollo Power opens its first factory

Liat Piazza


Apollo, celebrates the grand opening of their flagship factory, where they produce a flexible solar film that can turn any sun-exposed surface into electricity-generating ones. They’re even slated to provide Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with tens of thousands of solar sheets in a 33 million euro deal inked last year.

nT-Tao raises $22M in Series A funding round

Raz Mayshar


NT-Tao is aiming to set a new standard for the future of clean energy with their novel approach to fusion, which enables them to work at a density that is 1000 times higher than some other leading fusion approaches, yielding a novel and promising plasma regime.

Nemodata teams up with Platform Science

Raz Mayshar


Nemodata is helping fleets transition from reactive to proactive maintenance with unique vehicle and fleet data supported by AI technology. The collaboration with Platform Science will leverage Nemodata’s unmatched insights to automatically generate prescriptive maintenance plans for Platform Science customers.

Kardome secures $1m investment

Raz Mayshar


Kardome, pioneers of speech recognition technology, have secured $1M investment from Japanese Automotive Fund Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MarkLines Co., Ltd. As the market for voice recognition user interfaces grows, Kardome's technology is poised to play a critical role.

Nemodata collaborates with Kaufmann

Liat Piazza


Kaufmann Chile, a leading provider of Daimler Trucks in South and Central America has partnered up with Nemodata for their top-of-the-line fleet optimization technology. With this new collaboration, fleet managers across Chile can enjoy superior optimization and maintenance.

Nemodata forms alliance with Metrica Movil

Liat Piazza


Nemodata is at the forefront of leveraging data analytics and optimization algorithms to transform the transportation of goods. Nemodata's transportation analytics expertise combined with Métrica Móvil's deep domain knowledge will unlock unparalleled optimization capabilities for transportation.

Magnus raises $74m in Series B

Raz Mayshar


Revolutionizing the metal casting industry through environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions.

Addionics is revolutionizing battery structure

Raz Mayshar


Addionics, has brilliantly changed the structure of the battery to optimize its performance. By integrating AI to analyze the battery structure, they have discovered a way to reduce layers of electrodes and materials such as copper.

NoTraffic technology deployed across Florida

Liat Piazza


NoTraffichas an ingenious system that uses AI and sensors to collect data and optimize traffic signals accordingly, allowing cities to effectively regulate and reduce congestion. Now, Florida's on board! The company has received formal approval to deploy their technology at intersections across the state.

Carrar Raises $5.3m in Series A

Raz Mayshar


Carrar addresses some of the main challenges of the e-mobility industry - battery safety, longevity, and cost.

Addionics announces first US facility

Raz Mayshar


Plans to invest $400 million as part of a multi-year roadmap to support domestic EV battery production.

NoTraffic technology implemented in Texas

Liat Piazza


NoTraffic, creators of AI driven traffic solutions, has been chosen by Sugar Land, TX to implement its AI Detection System on 92 traffic signals across the city! This makes Sugarland the world's first city with an entirely connected, cloud-based digital traffic management system, and fully ready for connected vehicles.

Kardome partners with Panasonic Automotive

Raz Mayshar


Kardome, trailblaizers in voice recognition refinement, have partnered with Panasonic Automotive to showcase their integration into Panasonic's SkipGen2 In-Vehicle Infotainment System. Kardome ensures flawless communication whilst driving.

Foretellix teams up with Nuro

Liat Piazza


Foretellix, a leader in safety-driven verification and validation solutions for autonomous vehicles has announced a strategic partnership with Nuro. Foretellix's V&V platform will be used to create a library of urban driving scenarios, enabling Nuro to test and refine its autonomous driving system.

UVeye forms partnership with Hypertec Group

Raz Mayshar


UVeye, creators of automatic inspection systems have formed a strategic partnership with Hypertec Group, a global leader in manufacturing and assembling sustainable technology solutions. Hypertec’s facilities in the US and Canada bring UVeye one step closer to mass production in North America.

Hailo collaborates with Schneider Electric

Liat Piazza


Hailo, a leading AI chipmaker has announced a technology collaboration with Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation. The integration of Hailo's processors with Schneider Electric solutions represents a pivotal move for industrial automation.

Autofleet partners with zTrip

Raz Mayshar


Autofleet’s fleet optimization platform will be improving student transportation, NEMT, and contract rides for millions of drivers and dispatchers through this partnership with zTrip. Their solution plans, dispatches, and routes rides for peak performance.

UVeye partners with Amazon

Liat Piazza


UVeye’s AI-powered cameras for van inspections is providing Amazon with a powerful data feed, offering insights into vehicle condition and driver behavior. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, UVeye helps by enhancing safety and efficiency in its delivery operations.

NoTraffic raises $50M in Series B Round

Liat Piazza


NGV is thrilled to be part of NoTraffic's $50M Series B funding round! Their innovative AI-powered traffic management platform is set to transform urban mobility and make our urban environments safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

Hailo partners with Silicom

Liat Piazza


Hailo, creators of advanced edge AI processors has partnered up with Silicom, providers of high performance networking, to significantly reduce performance challenges in Edge AI.

Is Moodify redefining fragrances through AI?

Liat Piazza


Moodify, pioneers of the fragrance realm, has introduced an AI-driven marvel that reshapes fragrance reformulation. Through their (Re)formulation technology, product manufacturers and formulators can now possess an algorithm-based app.

NoTraffic is revolutionising vehicle connectivity using AI

Raz Mayshar


As cities become more connected, various sectors are working together to enhance traffic flow, safety, and efficiency. Manufacturers are investing in technology that enables vehicles to communicate with elements of the road network, reducing congestion and improving overall transportation sustainability.

Tal Cohen joins Lidwave's Board of Directors

Liat Piazza


Lidwave is paving the way for safer and more efficient autonomous vehicles, robotics, and more. NGV’s co-founder and Partner, Tal Cohen, will bring his proven track record in the startup industry coupled with his strategic vision to accelerate the adoption of Lidwave’s groundbreaking FCR™ technology.

InfiniDome raises $9 Mil in Series A

Liat Piazza


InfiniDome secures $9M in Series A round together with South Korean Giant Hanwha Aerospace, and Honeywell Ventures.

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